Miller Lite Bob Uecker Front Row Commercial

If ever there was a classic commercial, this one would be it in my book. Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker’s Front Row commercial for Miller Lite! Directed by Bob Giraldi. 1984 Anthony S. Johnson

I still use the “I/We must be in the front Rowww” phrase in 2021 and I’m 53 years old so it goes to show how much those commercials had an influence on me.

I miss these kinds of commercials for Lite Beer. Wonder why they stopped doing em. They were funny as hell. And who out there, don’t laugh when the Ueck comes on? Love this!!!

Haven’t seen this in 30 years. Didn’t realize that “Call the Front Office and Bingooooo!” is just as bloody funny as the immortal “front row” line.

“Must be in the front rooooowwwww…” “He missed the tag…he missed the tag.” I still say this when I sit in the Uecker seats..

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