Analyzing Boys Body Language in Front of Girls

0:33and i’ve got my eye on you

0:39body language is crystal clear

0:42shoulder position indicates the level of

0:44self-esteem if they are hunched then

0:46self-esteem has hit rock bottom an arch

0:48to back means i am falling to pieces

0:50clenched fists say i play the maracas

0:53the message is simple and clear my

0:55self-esteem is at rock bottom i am

0:57falling to pieces and i play the maracas

0:59but when you spray axe all over yourself

1:01your body language says hey are you

1:03ready for the macarena

1:10body language allows no room for

1:12confusion let’s see palms up pleading

1:15there is something i need eyes raised to

1:17the high heaven seeking divine

1:19intervention and the hands twitching

1:21close to the groin indicate i’m getting

1:23itchy down below in other words i need

1:25your divine intervention i’m getting

1:27itchy down below but when you spray axe

1:30all over your body your body language

1:32says i am a cowboy who’s ready to ride


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