Funniest English Class Ever

Mind your language

0:00I am you are you are he she or it is you

0:16they shall now go round the class and

0:23ask you each to give me a sentence using

0:27the verb to be Tara I am I am loo very

0:39happy to be learning go in go leash very

0:47good good Giovani he is he is it a fool

0:55but not is it he is a fool

0:59yes he’s a fool she is she is beautiful

1:10she is wonderful she is yeses thank you

1:17much fun it is

1:26it’s possible it is raining your viendo

1:34it is raining

1:46for the moment sit down honey you are


2:32you are you are waiting for me to speak

2:37an answer unfortunately I am not

2:43understanding the question I want you to

2:49give me a sentence using you I am you

2:55are for example you are from Pakistan I

2:57am from Pakistan yes but now use you are

3:02but I cannot say you are from Pakistan

3:04because you are not very much repeat

3:07after me

3:08you are English no no I’m from Pakistan

3:12what am i you are confusing me


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