Iraqi Insurgent Interview with Subtitles as Needed

Ladies and gentlemen. Just to clarify. This is a comedy sketch from an Australian comedy series “Skithouse”. The reporter is played by the lovely New Zealand born comic, Cal Wilson. I don’t know who the actors playing the Iraqi resistance fighters were. The sketch itself is not poking fun at Iraqis, it is poking fun at the TV industry which arbitrarily subtitles people based on accent. Actually, it’s not making a political point, it’s just bloody funny.

haha, this is the best… I’ve watched it like a billion times and I STILL crack up

I’m from Iraq and I find this really funny reminds me of a Monty python sketch XD

Hey!  How come he doesn’t have subtitles??

The battlefield is already tough enough without having to worry about the quality of your English skills. Subscribe over here to make sure you don’t miss a thing! We present to you the official YouTube channel for the hit, Australian sketch comedy series ‘skitHOUSE’. Airing on Network Ten, the show combined some of the nation’s funniest performers and writers to entertain everyone from age 10 to 110. Sit back and scroll through the hours of clips here for your enjoyment. Featuring Ben Anderson, Damian Callinan, Michael Chamberlin, Jason Geary, Tom Gleeson, Corinne Grant, Roz Hammond, Fiona Harris, Peter Helliar, Cal Wilson plus Sod, Yon and Gatesy from ‘Tripod’.

“The Americans tell lies…” That’s a good way to start an interview.

His “Look at me !!” with his arms flailing during his meltdown/temper tantrum always gets me.

This sketch never gets old. Every time I’m feeling a little down, I always watch this and it cheers me up

I showed this video to a couple of Iraqi interpreters who worked with us on deployment and they laughed their asses off! They also never let me live it down. lol Glad I found it again!

This was so brilliant. I come back to watch it every so often. I was actually working in Iraq at the time this came out and we all got a huge kick out of it, including all my Iraqi friends.

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