Michael Bublé Doesn’t Find His Christmas Meme Very Funny | The Graham Norton Show

He only had one Xmas album!

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The irony is he’s returned again at Christmas

I love how Michael feigns annoyance, but you know he loves the attention he gets every year for his album!

He returned BECAUSE of those statistics! Records don’t really sell during Christmas because of Christmas Carols but if you have a ROCK SOLID Meme like Michael then that Meme is the gift that keeps on giving.

now Michael it’s not just us here in this room that are pleased you’re back. Everyone is so happy you’re back you must have seen this thing that goes tomorrow every year this does them all for God you only have one Christmas album. You notice I don’t find that as funny as everybody else. Whole friends I have literally send me like the thing that I have and send me it and go promise you I get it and I think I hate you. No, I mean yeah God it’s a very good Christmas album, yeah but I mean now there are people that really think that I live in a cave.

There really are but this this is a mad statistic and I can’t I mean your Christmas album has been the number one album every Christmas in Australia since 2011.

What do you mean it makes no sense do people lose it like if you’ve got it why is it number one again the next year what multiple copies well do you know how smart and wonderful the Australian what’s great is that they they did stream it they download it they buy it it makes a good coaster.

It’s crazy because you think Australia I mean when you don’t they it’s Christmas is so huge there and it’s so different obviously but yeah I am so so thankful for the money I know what I’m getting this year my cave Zak of Australian dollars.

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