Funny Cats Acting Like Humans

Here are some cats behaving like humans. Watch these funny videos of funny cats acting like humans in this cat videos compilation.

he cat sitting on the chair watching tv kills me every time lmao

I had to raise my black cat Angel by hand after her momma was killed by stray dogs and she now thinks she’s a human.  She eats with her paws and uses them to scoop the food out of the bowl and eat like a human.  It’s so weird.  She keeps looking at me like “I could use a freaking fork over here or something.” lol.  She’s definitely the boss around here.  Hopefully she’ll never realize that she’s a cat. 🙂

The cat trying to stand up was great. Its head was going left to right while backing up thinking “How the hell do you guys walk on just two legs?”

So fricking adorable when kittens ears pulse with every suck on the bottle. Cutes me out COMPLETELY

I think these are the most human cats I’d ever seen in my life. Except for one cat of my own, Tito, she hugged her first kitten like a human mother and looked everyone while doing this, she also climbed things and watched us like asking approval. She was a tuxedo. In this video number 2,3 and 4 were astonishing cats.

Amazing how the cat in the bike is loving it. Look how he is moving the end of his tail like it is ready to ride. lol

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