Baby Excited when Katy Perry Dark Horse Song Plays

Baby Excited when Katy Perry Dark Horse Song comes on VIRAL VIDEO Baby’s Jam Adorable moment crying little girl completely transforms when she hears Katy Perry come on the car radio One mother seems to have found the secret to changing her baby’s mood in an instant – she uses the power of Katy Perry. The baby instantly cheers up when the artist’s Dark Horse track begins playing – and YouTube footage of the adorable sight has gone viral. The clip begins with the baby crying her eyes out in the back of a car. But the second the track begins her expression changes from one of anguish to sheer joy and astonishment. She waves her arms and nods her head as the music plays. the video had been viewed over 80,000 times, with hundreds of users expressing their delight at the clip. Kris Quade wrote: ‘This is the cutest video ever!’ And Sarah Jo Tucker said: ‘Oh my goodness that is hysterical and adorable.’ Crying game: This baby girl was very upset – until Katy Perry’s Dark Horse began playing…Transformation: As soon as the track begins the baby girl’s expression completely changes The secret stop your child crying, katy Perry Katy Perry’s Dark Horse has a profound effect on this crying baby How to stop a baby from crying by Katy Perry Dark Horse If you’ve ever wanted to know how to stop a baby crying, then Katy Perry might just be the answer. Or at least it was in the case of this particular little girl, who was getting grouchy on a car journey – until the singer’s recent hit Dark Horse came on the radio. And that, apparently, was all it took to dry the baby’s tears – and change her mood completely, judging from her reaction to the song. She even managed to give Katy herself a run for her money with her ‘dance moves’. VIRAL VIDEO: BABY LOVES KATY PERRY’S ‘DARK HORSE’ A baby had this epic reaction when the song ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry came on the radio (YouTube) Can’t seem to sooth that fussy baby while your driving? You might want to pick up a Katy Perry CD. That’s exactly what one mom uses when her young baby starts bawling in the back street. She posted the reaction on YouTube showing how excited her little girl gets when Perry’s song “Dark Horse” starts playing. august 2014 The song apparently works on more than one child. One of our ABC-13 producers says his young son has the same reaction the to same song. Map My News How to stop a baby from crying by Katy Perry Dark Horse Watch Adorable Baby Girl Freak Out Over Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Check out an adorable baby girl getting excited while listening to Katy Perry‘s hit song “Dark Horse,” featuring Juicy J. Before the song came on, the baby was seen looking very sad and crying in her car seat. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katy Perry “Available for babysitting at 10 dollars an hour & 4 Oreos,” Katy tweeted about the cute video. In case you didn’t know, the music video for “Dark Horse” is the most watched video on Youtube for 2014, with over 500 million views. WHAT DO YOU THINK of the adorable baby freaking out over Katy Perry’s bebe, cancion, coche, radio, car. Katy Perry soothes crying baby (Video) Baby stops crying when listening to Katy Crying Baby Hears Katy Perry Song, Instantly Smiles and Dances Perry Dark Horse WATCH: Baby’s hilarious reaction to Katy Perry This baby goes from grizzly to ecstatic the instant Dark Horse starts to play How Do You Stop A Baby Crying? With A Little Bit Of Help From Katy Perry! Baby Excited when Katy Perry Dark Horse Radio Song comes on | Baby’s Jam Stops Crying Baby Excited when Katy Perry Dark Horse Radio Song comes on | Baby’s Jam Stops Crying & Dances I see Uggs, Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato and yoga pants in this young girls future. I absolutely love baby videos as much as I like watching videos of cats playing the piano (eye rolls) but this is something special. I would not count myself a fan of Katy Perry’s music as of late but people love her. Yes, her music is catchy and fun to chair dance to but the lyrics are completely vapid. With that being said, the video of this beautiful baby girl face, when her favorite song plays on the radio, is something every girl can relate too. The video starts out with the baby whining in her car seat. Each baby is different so you have to find what works to soothe your baby the quickest. Most baby books say the sound of a moving car can soothe a child. I don’t think Dr. Spock had listening to Katy Perry music in the car as a way to soothe a crying child. For this child this is the key to her everything. As soon as the song starts her face lights up. We have all have had this look on our face when our favorite song comes on and no one can stop us from what comes next. The look on our face becomes exponentially more dramatic depending on how many friends we have around us. para, llorar Baby Stops Crying When Listening to Katy Perry Dark Horse Radio Song and Dances | Epic Reaction Face, opens mouth

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